According to the National Statistics Office of Malta, the Malta outbound tourism’ numbers to EU and non-EU countries increased by 22.92% and 65.20% (!), respectively, in comparison to 2017. On the other hand, during a period from January to September of 2019, Malta welcomed 2,135,435 tourists, an average of 248,382 per month. 

Being passionate travellers who love Malta as much as going abroad, we in MaltaVIP can't stay away from the fact that nevertheless of this facts we still don't have a national travel magazine in Malta! 
Having experience in publishing and a good contacts with all kinds of foreign specialists in local cultures, traditions, and destinations, we had no other choice, but to create one. The mission of this journal is to inspire Maltese people and guests of the Islands to explore our wonderful world by introducing a comprehensive range of travel experiences, promoting sustainable and responsible travel and providing the useful tips to make trips as safe and enjoyable as possible. 
Each issue features ideas, first-hand stories and detailed guidance related to experiences, adventures, cultures, wildlife-watching, wellness and beauty, food, events, volunteering and luxury travels. 

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Map and Guide

The most inspiring part of our work is the emotions that people express after the first touch of another culture. We love to observe how people to whom we assist during our work  start to fall in love with Malta.


That's why, apart from incoming and outgoing travel consulting, in 2011 we’ve decided to expand our opportunity to generate this kind of feeling, and printed out our first publishing - 'MaltaVIP Map and Guide' . It has a lot of useful advices for tourists coming to Malta and was published in three languages - English, Italian, and Russian.

Miracle Islands

Later on Mr Oleg Chumak, a person of wide knowledge and a great heart, wrote an amazing poetry about history of Malta. He passed away in 2016, but his poem ‘Miracle islands’ is still alive and exists in two languages - Russian, which was a mother tongue of Oleg, and in English - the second official language of Malta. 

'Map and Guide' and 'Miracle Islands' are still available in printing by request.