Maltese Legislation is one of the most flexible in Europe in terms of residency options on the territory of the island, depending on the desires and possibilities of a person. 

The main options to reside in Malta

Citizenship of Malta by Investments (MIIP)
Global Residency Program of Malta (GRP)
The Malta Visa and Residency Program (MVRP)
Work Permit
Other options of temporary residence in Malta
Long Term Residence
Partner visa
Blue Card

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1. We provide tailored service packages, that include consultatons and accompaniment for those interested in immigration to Malta, as well as regarding local taxation policies.

2.  We have a successful experience in assitance and preparation of documents for submission of applications for residency in Malta with all the existing programs.

3. We provide the full-package services in preparation, examination, submission, and supervision of documents for a temporary residence in Malta. 

4. We know everything about property in Malta and have an access to the largest base of property, that covers the whole archipelago.

5. We do not assist на with the workingМальте.

Living in Malta - ask us, мы we know!

Permanent and temporarty residence in Malta: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to obtain citizenship of Malta by Naturalization?
The purchase of property in Malta provides me with a right to reside temporary in Malta- isn't it?
Is it hard to find a job in Malta?
On your website you are stating that in order to fit for LTR program one has to learn Maltese language, but other say that English is sufficient...
Is it possible to get an LTR status after becoming a temporary resident by one of the residency programs?
Is it possible to obtain an LTR status after five years of education in Malta?
May I reside and work in Malta if I will open a business on the island?
May I apply for a Residency Program on my own?
What is an Identity Malta?
Who are AM's (Approved Agents, Authorised Mandatory, AM) and what are their functions?
Can you help me to obtain a refugee status?
What is better for a permanent residency- to buy or to rent out a property?