Key facts about Individual Investor Programme

Main benefits: 

1. Official approvment: MIIP programme is the only citizenship programme in Europe approved by the European commission

2. An opportunity to get a Maltese passport and to become a citizey of European Union and Commonwealth for all members of the family ;
3. Inheritance of the citizenship; 
4. Free acess to over 160 countries worldwide; 
5. Oppotunity to permanently reside in Europe; 
6. Taxation optimisation; 
7. Confiditiality of the citizenship approvment; 
8. High standards of living in Malta; 
9. Social, economical and political safety of Malta.


Main conditions: 

1. Financial stability and prospertity; 

2. Good health;

3. Good reputation.


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Main investments: 

1. Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund- €650,00o for the main applicant- non refundable; 

2. In Stocks, Bonds or Debentures- €150,000- refundable and profitable; 

3. Acquistion or Lease of an Immovable Property- €350,000 for the purchase or €16,000 for the Lease (minumum for 5 years). 

Main stages and periods of acquiring a citizenship of Malta: 

1. Signing a contract with an accredited agent and getting a residency identity card (1-4 days). The card is given for 18 months;
2. Handing the documents for the patcipation in the programme and documents revision (120 days);
3. Remiting the remaining contributions, the oath of allegiance, naturalisation and emission of passport (approximately 2 months).

The total length of the period to acquire citizenship of Malta by the "Individual Investor" programme is that of, according to the law of Malta, minimum six (6) and not more than twenty four (24) months, with a condtion that all the requirment are met. However, the passport and a certificate of naturalisation could issued at least in 12 months after issuance of a residency card.

In our personal experience, from the moment of handing in the documents to participate in the programme to the Indentity Malta- governmental organisation in charge of issuing the citizenship- to the issuance of the passport, there are about 12-14 months.

Official sources regarding the programme: 

1) Official annex to the Citizenship Act number 47, 2014;

2) Guidance to registration of citenship to Indentity Malta;

3) Press release of the European Commision regarding approvment of MIIP programme.

Citizenship of Malta- an ultimate benefit!

Advantages of obtaining citizenship of Malta

Border-free world: a no-visa entry worldwide and opportunity to live in Europe
Numerous tax benefits
Economical, political and social safety.
Opportunity to obtain double citizenship for all members of the family
Relatively low costs for obtaining European Citizenship
Opportunity to officially obtain citizenship of European citizenship at the shortest time possible.
High social standards of living in Malta

Citizenship of Malta is easy!

Condtions of obtaining citizenship of Malta by investment

Physical health
Financial viability
Impeccable reputation
Good attitude to Malta

Citizenship of Malta- What is the process?

Procedure of obtaining Citizenship of Malta by investments

Conclusion of an agreement with an Authorized Agent for the registration on the MIIP. (Could be performed distantly)
Preparation of the necessary documents. (Could be performed distantly)
Residency card. Personal presence required, 2-3 working days.
Medical examination. Possible options
Verification of financial sustainability of the main applicant and members of his/her family
Letter of Approval
Payment of the remaining fees and filling the documents. Could be performed distantly
Oath of Allegiance, Naturalisation and passports. 6-7 days of personal presence

Citizenship of Malta - the documents

List of documents, required to obtain the citizenship of Malta

Power of Attorney on the name of an Approved Agent
International passports for all the members
General Passport
Birth certificates
Certificates regarding the change of social status
Identification documents, issued by other countries
Photos in colour
Bank statement and reference
International Insurance Policy
Medical certificates
Documents related to military service
Documents related to employment or ownership of business
Invoices for water/electricity or other documents, proving your permanent place of living
The originals of the certificates of criminal records
Affidavits (in relation to the dependants)
Documents, confirming guardianship of underaged children (if there are)
Consent of second parent (if needed)
Letter for willingness to create strong bonds with Malta
Special forms

  • General requirments for the documents:

All documents, provided by applicants for the citizenship of Malta, issued outside Malta, have to be be apostilled in accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961, or certified in the embassy / consulate of Malta by place of residence or by an official diplomatic representative of the Republic of Malta. All documents provided NOT in English have to be translated with an official certification.
Thus, each of the documents has to include an original (if possible) or a notary certified copy.

  • The certification has to include: 
  • Date of certification,
  • Full name of the person in charge,
  • Credentials,
  • Conditions on which the translation is valid,
  • Home and work adress of the translator,
  • Number of the telephone and e-mail;
  • Apostile of the document or certification in the embassy or consulate of Malta;

Certified translation of the document and Apostile stamp. The certification has to be made by an approved international agency or by a translator with such credentials. 

Citizenship of Malta with MaltaVIP!

How can we help you?

We can advise you about all the details of the programme and provide you with professional assistance in preparation and subumitting the documents. Also we can organise all the necessary meetings and help you with choosing and purchasing or renting the property in Malta.

Dealing wtih Identity Malta, we are working under the license Num IIP088, issued on the name of Stephen Balzan, who is our long-term partner and one of the best tax consultants in Malta. 

Citizenship of Malta - ask us, we know!

Citizenship of Malta: Frequently Asked Questions

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